Doug-Heifetz Shalom! and welcome to Oseh Shalom Synagogue. Legend has it that our ancestors Sarah and Abraham used to sit in their tent, with the flaps of the tent folded up on all four sides, so they could welcome visitors from every direction. Just as our illustrious ancestors looked to invite newcomers from all directions, at Oseh Shalom, too, we wish to offer many routes of entrance into our community. This website is one of many ways in, to learn more about who we are and the many programs that we offer (more)

Our Mission: Oseh Shalom is a vibrant, inclusive Reconstructionist synagogue in Laurel, Maryland, with members from Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s counties and beyond. We celebrate Jewish life through prayer, learning, social action and community. See our newsletter, check our calendar, view our gallery and games and join us on Facebook.


Come to Oseh Shalom and our religious traditions. We offer a variety of service options to meet the needs of all members from more


Oseh Shalom wants learning to be a lifelong joy for its community members. We offers adults a broad range of educational more

Social Action

We are committed to healing the world by helping members in need and our local and world communities. more

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