Eat Sweets and Do a Mitzvah!

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We have a “SWEET” new deal for you–courtesy of SUNFLOWER BAKERY

Oseh is now participating in Sunflower Bakery’s Sweets of the Month Club for 2017-2018 school year.  Sunflower Bakery provides employment training to young adults with learning differences and bakes top quality bakery products certified kosher.

This is a subscription program that provides you with a yummy box of delicious treats and donates a portion to help Oseh-win-win.  You can do a 10 month subscription (September -June) for only $230 or a 9 month plan (skipping March -so no delivery before Passover) for just $207.   You place your order and then orders are delivered to Oseh and you pick them up from us.  Order by September 1.

The link to Sweets of the Month tells you exactly what you get each month but here’s the September selection as a start:

  • Apple Loaf and Rosh Hashanah sugar cookies or Apple Loaf and Sunflower Sugar Cookies


  • Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Pomegranate Icing and Rosh Hashanah Sugar Cookies


  • Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Pomegranate Icing and Sunflower Sugar Cookies

Sign up directly through their website at and designate Oseh Shalom.   Please share with friends even if they are not members of Oseh.   The more participation the better.

Download the Sweets of the Month form

 Also coming to Oseh from Sunflower Bakery…. (also fundraiser for Oseh)
We will be a holiday drop off location for their Holiday Menus for this year.  Check out the  Rosh Hashanah_sunflower options.  We will be drop off location for both Oseh orders and other families in the local area who want to pick up their orders here instead of Gaithersburg, so please share this with friends and family. 

Other Sunflower Bakery products

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