Apply for Oseh’s Camp JRF Scholarships

Apply for Oseh Shalom’s Camp JRF Scholarships

Oseh Shalom is again offering financial assistance to help families send their kids to the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation’s summer camp–Camp JRF–in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  Our camp scholarship fund comes from voluntary contributions by congregants who recognize the important role of Jewish summer camp in the development of a child’s Jewish life.  Our scholarships partly offset the cost of camp for families who are in financial need.  The amount of the scholarships varies from year to year, depending on the number of families applying for assistance, their level of need, and the amount currently in the fund.

Families apply for our scholarship by filling out a confidential application, which is reviewed by Oseh Shalom’s scholarship committee.  Please contact John Finedore
( to obtain a 2016 application form.  The deadline for submitting the form is January 15.  Please feel free to contact John with questions or for additional information.

Families who apply for an Oseh scholarship are also expected to apply for financial aid directly from Camp JRF.  First-time campers are also expected to apply for a grant from “One Happy Camper,” which provides grants (that are not needs-based) of up to $1,000 to children attending an overnight Jewish camp for the first time.  Details about the “Happy Camper” grant and Camp JRF’s financial aid program are on the Camp’s website,  Camp JRF is incredibly popular and many kids have already registered, so it pays to register for camp and apply for scholarships early!

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