Caring and Support Committee

The Oseh Shalom Caring & Support Committee is committed to providing support to those within our synagogue community. Our main function is to provide “in-reach” to you, our congregation members.

  • If you or your family is anticipating a life event or change, please let us know how we can help you!
  • If you would like to share your ideas about how to improve communication here at Oseh Shalom, please contact us!
  • If you have a specific need because of a personal or family crisis, please call on us!

Here are some of the ways Caring & Support Volunteers can lend a hand:

  • Providing transportation to services or other synagogue events.
  • Assembling “Shalom Baby” baskets to welcome our tiniest congregants!
  • Going shopping and/or providing meals in the event of a new baby, or illness or accident.
  • Offering a ride to a doctor’s appointment
  • Paying Shiva calls to bereaved congregants
  • Giving respite for a few hours from attending to a sick relative.
  • Visiting members or making phone calls to those who are not able to get out much and would like to stay in touch or have company.
  • Donating time and help during an illness or a difficult pregnancy.
  • Offering support because of a recent loss.
  • Helping with a personal or family crisis
  • Connecting to community resources

Volunteers Needed!

If you can help, contact Beth Friedman at is the interim Caring and Support coordinator, her phone number is: 301-332-3974.

If I’m not available, please contact our office or the rabbi at 301-498-5151.

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