Changes: Gift Baskets Sign Up

The 19th Anniversary of the Gift Basket is Coming!!!

You should have received an email by now inviting you to fill out the Basket Selection.  These forms are due back to me no later than Aug 20. Several Changes have been made this year for the Gift Baskets.

  • We now accept PayPal when you fill out your form.  (you can still send a check).
  • The default this year will be to receive a card only instead of a basket.  Be sure to fill out the form if you want a basket, even if you don’t send any baskets.
  • This year, the Gift baskets will be built and delivered on Sept 10.   We will need lots of volunteers starting at 9:00AM on Sept 10 in order to get the baskets delivered the same day we build them.
  • If you would like to help bake the delicious honey cakes on Sept 3, either indicate the time on the form or send me an email.

Please contact Art Solomon at    or 240-280-2067 and let me know how you can help or if you need the forms.


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