FootballMania/HockeyMania/Retreat/Tzedek—how are these all related???

I am so excited to announce that for the first time, we will be running a fundraiser to help offset the cost of the retreat for anyone–not just the kids. (Details of how many tickets you need to sell to cover cost will be specified next week.) So all families can and should get involved in the selling of these tickets.   And to make it even better, if you raise more money than you need, you can gift the money you raised to anyone else you want.   You can raise money for Tzedacah instead of retreat if you prefer.

Oseh earns almost 70% of sale price so this should be an amazing fundraiser.  The main way to sell/buy tickets is through personalized fundraising pages. Every family can create their own and then spread the word through social media and word of mouth.  We will also have paper tickets available in the office (or you can request them from Kelly) and all religious school families will automatically get some.    And we have general pages set up at and

Thank you for all the support you give to Oseh Shalom, Kelly


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