Scrips/BoxTops/Giant: Ways to Help Oseh

Scrips/BoxTops/Giant: Free Ways to Help Osehgift-card

Special deals to help Oseh even more without spending ANY more! Download the flyer: scrip_9-17

Thanks to those of you who stopped by the ‘fundraising tables’ on Sunday.  We sold many of the SCRIP cards I order to have on hand for those last minute purchases.  Also, please save and bring in BoxTop for Education and sign up for Giant A+ rewards.  2017/2018 is going to be a great year for these simple fundraisers.  

Scrip has some extra special events coming up over the next month or so including higher than normal rebates on tons of their retailers on Sept 18 (next week), Free PrestoPay purchases from Sept 23-29 and more.   Please learn more and sign up by visiting (our enrolment code is 9B386B1A3985L and see the flyer regarding these upcoming specials at

Kelly Benton-Klein



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