Mindful Meditation, Sat Jul 21, 9:15-9:45 am

Pre-Service Guided Meditation,
Sat. Jul 21, 9:15-9:45 am

meditation stones. Join our half hour guided meditation before Shabbat Services on the third Saturday of each monthShabbat is a time for connecting to oneself by slowing down and centering oneself. Join us for a 30 minute guided meditation. Open to all. No prior experience necessary.

Are you interested in the meditation, but aren’t able to stay for the 10 am service, or perhaps it doesn’t really work for you? No worries! Coming just for meditation is fine.

If you have time,  stay, learn and study with us at Shabbat services.  If possible, bring a dairy or vegan potluck item to share and join our community lunch to share.  There is always a wonderful selection of food for all tastes and if you forget, stay anyway.  There will be enough for everyone.

We welcome guests and families who just want to check out the fit.  Everyone is welcome.  Just come with a smile and an open mind.


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