High Holy Days Forms and Info

Time to start thinking about that amazingly special time of year.  Oseh welcomes members and all their extended family, non-members and other guests to our wonderful High Holy Day services.  We offer special packages to first time visitors.  Want to find out more? Contact our office at 301-498-5151 and ask for Andrew Maayan, our friendly Office Administrator.

As chairperson of the High Holy Days Committee, I would like to remind you that by now you should have received the High Holy Days packet in the mail. If you have not received yours, you can download the forms on-line at the Oseh Shalom website, or contact the Oseh  Shalom office.

The packet includes information regarding dates and times for Services, how to acquire additional tickets, and the many congregational events that help to spiritually usher us into the Yamin Noraim. Additionally there will be information about ordering your own Lulav and Etrog, Sukkah Hop and Farm-to-Sukkah Dinner.  Please review the materials carefully, complete the appropriate forms if you have not yet done so, and mail to Oseh Shalom no later than September 7, 2017.

For the fourth year, we will  be celebrating Tashlih  at Granville Gude Park in Laurel, between the Rosh Hashanah Aleph and Beit Services.  Feel free to bring a picnic lunch and join our community for an enjoyable family activity.

If you are interested in being an usher for any of the services, please contact Craig Hollander. If you are interested in doing a Reading during any of the services, please contact John Riehl. If you are interested in reading from the Torah, please contact Dan Glaser.

Make 5778 a HH Kippot Amnesty year:  This year we are asking congregants to donate any extra white Kippot that may have accumulated over the years.

Finally, out of consideration for our neighbors, please remember not to park in the community cul-de-sacs along Olive Branch Way during the High Holidays. There is plenty of available street parking along Olive Branch and Van Dusen.

L’Shanah Tovah,

Karen Meckler
Chair, High Holy Days Committee

Craig Hollander:  ceholl5@comcast.net
John Riehl: realman02@verizon.net
Dan Glaser:  DGPEDS@verizon.net

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