Rabbi’s Welcome Message

Dear Visitor,

Doug Heifetz-sm2Welcome to the Oseh Shalom website. Legend has it that our ancestors Sarah and Abraham used to sit in their tent, with the flaps of the tent folded up on all four sides, so they could welcome visitors from every direction. Just as our illustrious ancestors looked to invite newcomers from all directions, at Oseh Shalom, too, we wish to offer many routes of entrance into our community. This website is one of many ways in, to learn more about who we are and the many programs that we offer.

I often hear visitors comment on how comfortable they feel in our synagogue and how friendly our members are. Something at Oseh Shalom feels different from what they’re used to—perhaps they sense our soulful emphasis on supportive community and honest, creative exploration of tradition. We’ve built an environment that wholeheartedly includes individuals from all walks of Jewish life, and also non-Jewish family members from many interfaith households. We strongly affirm the rights of gay and lesbian Jews to participate equally, as well; after all, it was our own Reconstructionist Jewish movement that decided to ordain openly gay and lesbian rabbis in 1982. The rest of the American Jewish world is gradually following suit.

Please learn all that you can from our website. Better yet, join us for Sabbath worship services this Friday evening or Saturday morning, attend an adult education class, or visit our Religious School with your child. You’ll find yourself among friendly community members from all parts of the Baltimore-Washington area. Be sure to introduce yourself when you visit. If you would like to learn more or meet with me in person, please contact the office to set up an appointment.

Best of luck on your journey ahead!


Rabbi Doug Heifetz

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 301-498-5151 or email: rabbiheifetz@oseh-shalom.org

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