Religious School Midweek Programming

Oseh Shalom’s Religious School offers midweek programming as an extra-curricular component. Students and families who would like to spend more time together and participate in a fun learning environment are encouraged to attend. Each session is designed to be student friendly and hands-on.

Session 1: Jewish Literature and Art

December/January- Tuesday Nights 5:30p-7:00p 

Instructor: Renee Richards

Cost: $30/student

Did you know the creators of the Superman were Jewish too? Can you see our heritage through the comic strips? How did a Jewish poet influence the Statue of Liberty? And what short story inspired “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Come explore some of the greatest stories written by Jewish authors like I.L. Peretz, Sholom Aleichem and Emma Lazarus. And then create new works of art inspired by these stories, just like Marc Chagall and Joe Shuster.


Session 2: Mindful Prayer

February/March- Wednesday Nights 5:00p-6:30p

Instructor: Renee Richards 

Cost: $10/student

We will engage our hearts, minds and all five senses as we delve into prayer. Our goal is to make prayer more than just a song to sing, and instead a way to find spirituality, peace and healing. Come learn how to connect to the prayers and songs of Friday Night and Saturday morning Shabbat. We will be using guided imagery, meditation and yoga throughout the sessions.


Session 3: Torah Learning For All

April/May- Thursday Nights 5:00-6:30p 

Instructors: Renee Richards, Rabbis Josh & Daria Jacobs-Velde

Cost: $20/ family

Our Torah is filled with rich stories that unlock new meaning at each stage of our lives. We will explore the Torah to help see where it has meaning and applies to our modern world.

First, students and parents will participate in a learning session separately. Religious school director, Renee Richards will engage the students in Torah, while Rabbi’s Josh and Daria work with parents to find deeper connections to some of the Torah’s most well-known stories. Then, we will come together as families, and as a learning community, for the remainder of the evening. Together, we will participate in activities, discussions, and crafts related to what we’ve just learned.

Come study Torah as a family and form stronger connections with each other and with our heritage.

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