Two ways to Support Retreat Fund

Shalom to my Oseh family—Important information regarding new ways to contribute to the Retreat Scholarship Fund and more!

First, let me say Happy Thanksgiving.  I know that I have a lot to be thankful for and Oseh is definitely one.  I hope you all feel that way too.

We are sending out this special announcement to let everyone know that we are doing some extra fundraising to help offset the cost of some of our special events for those who might need a little extra support- such as the retreat or major dinners/concerts…).  The funds raised from the Mania fundraisers will be earmarked to help assist families in need of financial assistance attend such events.

We are only doing electronic cards as this helps both with profit raised and it is a great way to expand our fundraising reach to friends and family that live outside our geographic area.   Additionally, online sales allow supporters to get a free card when they purchase 5 cards.  And we earn about 60% of purchases.


  • Sweepstakes is based on the last 15 weeks of Professional Hockey sticks
  • You get new teams for each of the 15 weeks of sweepstakes.
  • Winning is based on the total score of your teams for that week.
  • Top 10 scoring cards win and lowest 4 scoring cards also win (nationally).
  • 2 additional grand prizes awarded at the end of the 15 weeks.
  • Create your own fundraising page at
  • Use (and share) Oseh’s general page at


  • Sweepstakes is based on College Basketbabasketball hoopos maniall’s National Championship Tournament—think March Madness and Brackets.
  • Each card has 8 teams on it based on the national seeding/brackets.
  • Every card has seed 1-8.
  • Winning is based on the total score of all your teams.
  • The top 70 cards win and the lowest 5 cards also win (nationally).
  • We are participating in the Guaranteed Winners Program, which means that we are guaranteed to have at least one winner from the cards we sell/purchase. If none of our tickets are in the top 70 or lowest 5 then our highest ticket from our sales will win a $20 “bonus prize.”
  • Create your own fundraising page at
  • Use (and share) Oseh’s general page at

If you are fundraising to help offset your cost (or a friend’s) of any special event, please set up your own fundraising page and let me know the specifics.

Let’s help more of our members be extra thankful for their Oseh family.

Kelly Benton-Klein, 301-490-7764 or

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