Oseh Shalom

Masks are required for all events due to rising case numbers.  Most events are offered in person and on Zoom. See the calendar for details.

Green Campus

Oseh Shalom is committed to environmental justice.  That work starts at our synagogue home.  Our campus includes two rain gardens, a pollinator garden, biblical garden, more than a 100 trees and two vibrant courtyards outside our Sanctuary, opening onto our Social Hall and Foyer.  We are letting some of campus go wild to better support local wildlife and pollinators.  We have replaced all our lightbulbs with energy efficient LEDs and have extensive natural light with skylights in our Social Hall and a domed Sanctuary.

We also have an active group working to bring environmental justice to our nearby community and throughout the area. We actively work to reduce climate change in large and small ways both in our building and in our homes and workplaces.  Wondering why Jews care about this kind of work? Check out this short, award winning video from the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish, Faith and Land, featuring Rabbi Daria and other Jewish leaders.

This year, 5782/2021-22, we are excited to expand our connection to the natural world. Through a Sacred Grounds grant, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and other groups. In addition, we are welcoming Faryn Borella, a 4th year student at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College to Oseh Shalom as Oseh’s first ever Rabbinic Eco-Intern. Interested in getting outdoors more? Check our calendar and enews for local walks and other opportunities. Watch for the Oseh Shalom Camping Trip later this year!

Rain Garden

One of two rain gardens

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden with native wildflowers and shrubs

Biblical Garden

Biblical Garden with Seven Species from Torah

Wildlife preservation trees

Wildlife preservation trees

Oseh is letting nature reclaim some of its grounds.

Nature reclaiming some of Oseh’s grounds.