Oseh Shalom

Shabbat evening services are in person. Morning services are on Zoom unless noted on the calendar. All attendees at over the age of 12 must be vaccinated and wear a mask. Want to make a donation or register for an event? You can do it all on ShulCloud.



Oseh Shalom offers many ways to connect with fellow members. In addition to the warmth and community of our Shabbat and festival services, we always have an oneg (desserts, coffees and juice), during which you can relax and get to know people.  If chitchat isn’t your thing, we offer monthly discussion groups after services.  Once a month services are preceded by a potluck where you and your children, spouse or friends can relax and meet other members while enjoying great food.  Potluck items can be a creative outlet for your inner chef or a Challah or salad from a local grocery store.  If potlucks aren’t your thing, just come, have a glass of wine and smooze with other members and guests.

Oseh also offers numerous social groups for members of all ages and backgrounds. Check out of social group page.

We offer a broad range of volunteer opportunities as well, both through social action and around our building. Whatever your background, we can use your talents.  Or we can expose you to an area you’d like to learn more about. Check out our membership page for more information about joining us.

Members can also access our Members Only site to connect with members who share your interests, such as music, plays, sports, hiking, cooking, etc.  If you are a current member and would like access to the members only site, email Mark or call the office at 301-498-5151.  The site includes our current member directory.