Oseh Shalom


Welcome to Oseh Shalom

Connect with the Oseh Shalom community virtually! All online services and events are on Zoom. We are no longer streaming services or events. Daily options for centering oneself and connecting with others include Mon/Wed shaharit from 8-8:30 am, Tue/Thur mincha from 5:30-6:00 pm. All online events are highlighted below (scroll down to see a link for each event). Need help using Zoom? Contact John Riehl (301-490-3645)  or Ray Wacks (410-484-8574) ). Find out how to join us from home. Do you want to connect directly with Rabbi Daria or Rabbi Josh? Check the Oseh Shalom directory for their contact information. Oseh staff is teleworking as much as possible for their safety and ours.

Looking for a Jewish community? Come explore your connection to Judaism with us. Be part of a strong community committed to helping each other, our surrounding community and the world at large. Attend our traditional or experimental services or stream services. Grow through our many classes, make friends and have fun.  We welcome everyone. Want to get a quick look inside our community? Check out the short YouTube video about Oseh from a local news outlet or a slightly longer YouTube video for a more indepth look at our congregation.